Space management involves a continuous process of planning, analysing, organising, maintaining and forecasting of an organisation’s assets, space and resources to ensure they are put to the best use possible. That is why space management is considered to be nothing short of a science and an art. 

Space management encompasses all activities involved in managing and utilising an organisation’s space and assets for the most optimum performance. Be it a whole building or even a portion of a single floor, space management helps your organisation to utilize whatever space available in the most efficient manner to drive productivity and profitability in the workplace. 

Space Management Tools

Space management has evolved over the years from outdated manual systems to automated technologies. Space management software have found their place into the day to day functioning of an office enterprise. These softwares provide real time and efficient space management solutions to identify and rectify your space constraints and other issues. The most commonly used space management tools are CAFM or Computer Aided Facility Management solutions and the newer and more improved IWMS or Integrated Workplace Management System. 

Both CAFM and IWMS are space management software solutions but the main difference between the two is that IWMS is a more evolved software that allows easy dissemination of information among all users within the organisation. 

Why is space management important?

Space management plays a crucial role in many aspects of the workplace. There are a few factors why space management is considered to be vitally important, such as:

  • Better utilisation of resources

Space management enables an organisation to have better utilisation of its assets and resources. It helps to minimise underutilized resources, eliminate redundant tasks, avoid overbooking of rooms and have a better organised schedule for people and resources. This ensures there is proper flow of communication among departments, better productivity and savings in time and money.

  • Savings in cost & time

With better utilisation of resources, there would be huge savings in cost and time in the workplace. With better management of office space, you can be assured of timely updation of data, zero wastage of office space, elimination of redundancies and sharing of workstations, all of which eventually result in savings in cost and time.

  • Increased productivity

With better management of space and resources, there can be a marked improvement in productivity and efficiency in the workplace. The hassle of managing administrative tasks out of the way, employees would be better focused at their core competencies. A focused workforce means a happier and satisfied workforce, which results in increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Data assimilation

The compilation, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of data is possible in a seamless and accurate manner with automated space management solutions. A common database or software of space management and administration functions ensures that users can access the data at any time and plan actions and schedules accordingly. This can ensure there are no mishaps like double booking happening.

  • Real time information

An automated space management software can provide accurate and real time information on rooms booked, conference areas, designated and non-designated seats, floors occupied, etc. to name a few. This real time access to information can help managers take decisions with ease and avoid delays caused due to planning and scheduling.

  • Better collaboration

Increased productivity and access to information on a real time basis ensures better flow of communication among users and departments. This in turn drives better collaboration among teams, thereby improving the profitability and growth of the organization as a whole. 

Space management is the most efficient way to optimize office assets and improve overall productivity and profitability of the organization. If your workplace is yet to upgrade to an automated space management system, connect with the best in the business.


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