Are you looking to stay ahead of the tech curve in 2021? With rapidly changing innovations and updates, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s the best in technology. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll help you identify the latest technologies and discern how they can help you stay ahead of the competition.

the new year
2021 brings with it advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), 5G wireless communications, blockchain, and quantum computing. Each of these technologies can provide incredible solutions for businesses of all sizes. AI can help automate tasks and processes, AR can make immersive experiences far more accessible, 5G will revolutionize data transfer speeds, blockchain offers an effective way to secure data and transactions, and quantum computing promises to generate new levels of insight from big data.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
Artificial intelligence has been around in some form or another for a while, but 2021 is rapidly advancing its capabilities. AI can help organizations automate mundane tasks and complex processes, freeing up resources to focus on more value-added activities. In particular, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide customer service far better than a human, plus they can answer questions 24/7 – something humans simply cannot do. AI also has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by providing personalized treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.
Big Data Analytics 
With the rise of information, investigating large datasets is becoming increasingly important. This can be executed through the use of Big Data Analytics, which is the process of analysing analytics for patterns and insights. This technology can help businesses gain a better understanding of their customers, processes and operations so they can develop what works best and eliminate what doesn’t. By properly leveraging data-driven insights, companies can streamline operations and find new opportunities in an ever-changing market.
Server less Computing 
Server less computing is becoming one of the most popular cloud computing technologies. This technology enables organisations to create applications that require a server, but its main benefit is scaling on demand and cost savings due to not having to maintain a physical server. It offers a fee per invocations charged system over a pay-per-hour model, eliminating some of the traditional costs associated with running IT infrastructure. Additionally, this technology comes with numerous other benefits such as faster iteration cycles which saves development time plus improved scalability and reliability.
Internet of Things (IoT) 
IoT is an ever-growing network of connected physical objects equipped with sensing and controller capabilities. This technology has particularly benefitted industrial companies by enabling data to be remotely extracted from machines, aircrafts, vessels, etc. for predictive analytics and easier maintenance. Furthermore, IoT technology also has the ability to improve safety and accuracy in a myriad of other industrial environments including healthcare and engineering. In 2021 it’s estimated that there will be 64+ billion IoT enabled devices online, which makes now the ideal time to jump on board with this powerful technology!
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