The most prominent format for sharing work documents or school presentations and other documentation files is still in PDF. However, forwarding a pile of numerous portable documents is quite challenging for an instructor or a corporate assistant, or anyone you are giving them to. Besides, it provides the receiver with a difficult time saving multiple records.

For that reason, the simplest form to email multiple portable documents is through turning the PDF file into a single page or combining the large-sized PDFs. But before that, you may need to consider the excellent online equipment in the market. If you are looking for a utility that values quality and security, then this website is the best candidate to meet your needs.

Getting To Know Gogopdf Services

Gogopdf has always stood as the essential go-to tool to maximize the possibilities that digital users can get in PDF or Word format. However, this platform emphasizes its online tools on configuring PDF because of its security and complex features, and other parts about this format are some of the toughest and complicated to configure.


The website is designed to be easy to navigate for individuals who do not possess any technical skills. Every option that you select on their system can be configured even by beginners. The online resources on this page will let you protect PDF, repair PDF, compress PDF, delete PDF pages, merge PDF, split PDF to pages, and more.

The Four-Step Process to Merge PDF Files

If you acquire a corresponding number of PDF documents and want to compile all of them into a single page, you can merge the records with Gogopdf simply and conveniently. While using the tools, you will no longer have to worry about yourself, as this site will effectively do anything for you. Below is the simplified and easy to follow instructions:


  1. In the first step, you need to go to the Gogopdf homepage and look at the features available and locate the Merge PDF option.
  2. To navigate through the upload page, the website will load the option you have chosen, and you can forward your files from your file manager, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  3. After sufficient upload, the merge PDF tool will commence the merging process. Keep in mind that while small documents can be merged in seconds, the combination of large documents will take a few seconds to a few minutes. 
  4. Once the process is done, the platform will provide a link to you, and you will have the option of saving portable documents through Dropbox, email, or local storage.

Merge Anytime, Anywhere

Since Gogopdf is a web-based PDF merger tool, you can compile multiple portable documents on the condition that you have a stable data connection. Along with that, the platform is also compatible with all working operating systems, which means that if you use Linux, Mac, or Windows desktop, you can merge the files without facing any issues.


Another outstanding feature that this site possesses is its fast-loading mobile website version that permits you to employ its prime features immediately. Furthermore, you can also merge on any smartphone device such as iOS or Android, enabling you to manage your PDF files without a notebook or desktop.

Gogopdf Prioritizes its User Safety

It’s natural, of course, to be hesitant to utilize online tools. There are several numbers of online tools that are likely to ask for your details and email address as a way to steal your accounts. With this website, no registration is required, and the platform will immediately remove all the documents forwarded within an hour, leaving no trace of the file in the system.


Additionally, the safety of your forms is one of Gogopdf’s top priorities. The platform will give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that your files are protected and cannot be modified by illegal access.


This website understands that it is an inconvenience for digital users to have organized PDF documents and to view them only in different files. For that reason, Gogopdf has produced a free tool that can quickly combine your PDFs and take away only a small portion of your time with the remarkable quality that any individual deserves. Check out the website today!


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