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Losing a smartphone can be a stressful and costly experience. Fortunately, it’s possible to locate and remotely wipe data from an Android device – without relying on someone to return your phone for you. With this tutorial, you’ll learn the steps for quickly tracking down your missing device!

Enable the Android Device Manager App

Before you can locate and remotely wipe your missing device, make sure to enable the Android Device Manager app. To do this, open the Google Settings app on your phone, tap “Security,” then tap on “Find My Phone.” In this menu, ensure that the options for remotely locating and wiping a device are enabled. Now you’re ready to find your lost phone!

Create Your Google Account if You Haven’t Already

Before you can locate or remotely wipe your device, be sure that your Google account is linked to your phone. If you don’t already have a Google account, go ahead and create one. Once you’re all signed in, return to the Android Device Manager app and continue with the steps for locating and wiping off data from your missing device.

Configure Your Find My Phone Pattern Unlock Setting

Before you enable Find My Phone, it’s best to configure your pattern unlock in order to ensure a more secure experience. Once your pattern is securely set and stored on the lost device, you will be able to quickly access certain information about it. To configure your unlock setting, simply select ‘Security’ from the settings panel and then tap on the ‘Screen Lock’ tab. Select ‘Pattern’ as your type of lock and then follow the instructions listed to complete the setup process.

Use StealFrom’s Remote Wipe Tool to Erase Data from a Lost Phone

If you have enabled Find My Phone, the next thing you can do is launch an app called StealFrom. This remote wiping tool allows you to securely erase all data on your phone remotely if it’s ever lost or stolen. Simply launch the app and enter in your personal password. After that, a remote connection will open and you’ll be able to locate your device as well as securely wipe off all data from it.

Take Advantage of Google’s Android Lost for Locating and Locking Services

Google’s Android Lost is another great tool to remotely find and manage your lost phone. You start by sending an SMS with the words “androidlost register” This will allow you to locate the phone, lock it and wipe off all data. It also allows you to send a message to the owners of the device so they can call you back if they find it.

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