Picture this: You’re a developing brand, a solopreneur, maybe an up-and-coming podcaster. If you’re a skilled digital marketer, you understand precisely why video marketing is essential to all content creators/agencies.

Now, we have the issue. How do you make appealing videos that are original and engaging, showcase your brand and have a strong call to action without spending millions of dollars for professional equipment and cameras?

What you require is a simple-to-use trustworthy internet-based maker of videos. It can be used in your browser without any hassle, with no sign-ups required and no annoying watermarks, aren’t they?

Our Top 5 Choices for Top Online Video Makers

In the crowded Internet world, finding what is best for your small-scale company or project can be challenging. This handy list of the best online video editor will help you with that process.

Since this article is quite long, here’s a short listing of the online video makers I listed below.

  1. Filmora
  2. Wave.video
  3. InVideo
  4. Renderforest
  5. Adobe Spark
  6. Animoto
  7. Ssemble

#1 Filmora

I’m not a fan of using online tools because sometimes the network connection isn’t ideal, or if there’s an issue with the network, then all your efforts are lost. Editing videos using online tools will require a fast download and upload speed, which is why editing small and short video clips of small size are ideal. In addition, online editing tools might not be the best option for those who require more advanced editing features and gorgeous video effects. In this situation, I would highly recommend Wondershare Filmora, for this is the tool you shouldn’t overlook. Download it and give it an experience with the editing options, numerous features and pre-sets. It is compatible with Mac and Windows computers and is suitable for novices and semi-pros alike.

#2 Wave.video

Wave.video is a powerful video marketing platform that permits creating, editing, sharing, or hosting of videos. Wave.video can meet the needs of small business bloggers, entrepreneurs, social media fans, and almost anyone who wants to make a web-based video.

Wave.video is easy for users to utilize, and it’s certainly not only saying it! The interface is simple and user-friendly, even for non-professional video makers. The tutorials and demos that they offer on the YouTube marketing site allow you to create professional marketing videos a delight. Look over Wave.video reviews if you’re unsure, or test the toolkit for yourself using this hyperlink.

Create stunning videos with Wave.video

If you’d like to embed your video on websites or blogs, Wave.video allows it too. You have to create a video to render it, then take a copy of the embed code you can apply to the video on your site. Easy-peasy!

Wave.video offers 30 formats and ratios. As explained further below… “get the vertical and square formats in just a mouse click!” You can change from Facebook Covers and Instagram Stories to YouTube with one button touch.

#3 In Video

InVideo online editor has many tools to speed up and simplify video creation. The extensive collection of thousands of templates ready to use is the best choice. In addition, plenty of really cool elements, such as stickers, vector shapes and masks, could open the possibilities of your creativity and improve the visual appeal of your video productions.

The pricing page for InVideo states that paying customers have access to the 3Mplus media library. However, the trial version allows users to browse through the library of 1M videos and images. The number appears to comprise premium assets, so the free stock footage is not likely to be the most effective feature of InVideo.

The free version permits downloading your video at a resolution of 720p. In addition, it’s watermarked by InVideo’s InVideo logo.

#4 Renderforest


RenderForest impressed us with its step-by-step tutorial, which made learning about the features an absolute breeze. The templates page was slightly missing, even in a single direction. The templates are gorgeously rendered and complex; however, navigating through different categories is not useful. It’s also impossible to create something entirely from scratch based on what we have seen, which is a little confusing.

Renderforest offers the ability to access “115.000 + royalty-free Stock Footage”; however, as a trial or free user, they couldn’t get access to libraries to explore what they have available.

It is possible to export the video to YouTube and Facebook directly. You can also download the video onto your personal computer and add watermarks.

Renderforest is a bit too many things happening regarding pricing, even if it hinders selecting a plan suitable for you. On the other hand, you can find enough flexibility to suit everyone. They will offer custom plans. However, we’ve found that this can lead to inconsistent pricing. With their high-end graphics, customizable pricing (despite the many opinions we believe this makes companies satisfied) and a massive library of stock, we’ve picked Renderforest as the second option on our list.

#5 Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark offers users various advanced tools. You can design custom images, web pages as well as videos. Despite the simplicity of selecting templates, we have found this to be a rather sophisticated tool.

It also works with educational software. However, we’ll focus on Spark for Business and creating videos in this list. Check out their other offerings and let us know what you think about their idea of the online maker of videos!

Spark comes with a variety of packed templates. Their videos do a fantastic job of stimulating thinking in addition to stimulating (ha …) originality. However, they are only thirty seconds long.

Adobe Spark can access what is known as Adobe Stock, which are royalty-free images provided by Adobe. If you use these images, their visible watermarks.

There are two types of formats available to use, including square and landscape. We presume (since no exact ratios were provided) we can say that 16:9 or 1:1.

Adobe Spark does wonders with its pre-set templates geared towards optimizing the quality of its videos, websites, graphics, and other content to fit your specific taste in style, design, and the most important niche. Spark is among the most effective tools for customizing branding, but the disadvantage is that you need to upgrade the plan to customize it.

The cost of Adobe Spark gets tricky. If you’re a small company, there’s no need to be concerned about this. It’s easy to use the individual plan, and you’ll avoid the burden of paying for each license you make for your brands. Since Spark offers advanced graphics and a highly customizable feature, We felt it was suitable to rank it the third spot on our list. The pricing is a major drawback.

#6 Animoto

Animoto has two offerings: Animoto Memories and Animoto Marketing. The former is designed for more personal social media or family occasions, so we’ll focus exclusively on Animoto Marketing.

Animoto asks you to follow two tutorials related to your product, as shown above. They’re thorough and simple to follow. In addition, when you’re creating something, in the beginning, these guides allow you to follow them “step-by-step” while you develop the first Business or personal project.

It appears that Animoto provides only the music library as well as templates for stories. It is possible to reduce these. However, you’ll need to include your original content, which you’ve produced or downloaded from other sources. This means you’d have difficulties licensing non-original content rather than spending money with Animoto direct for their access to the library of stock.

They offer 60 templates that you can choose from for any occasion. That range from content teasers to small photography sessions, recipes and saving dates, and commenting ads on YouTube. You can modify your font, colors as well as sections.

#7 Ssemble

If you’re looking for a versatile online video editor that’s easy to use and packed full of features, look no further than Ssemble. It offers all the tools you need to create beautiful videos – from simple edits to complex projects – and make them look their best. Try it out today and see what it can do for your next video project!

The Ssemble platform has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes video editing straightforward. Each section is conveniently labeled and organized, so you can quickly find what you need and start creating stunning videos in no time! It also offers a range of powerful features, including advanced trimming capabilities, audio mixing and color correcting, as well as over 50 customizable video effects and plenty more.


Below are some video editors you can access right from your browser on Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile devices if you enjoy. Most of these online video editors are easy for beginners and use as they offer simple editing options. However, some may require registration for access to online video editing tools, while others may leave a branding watermark on the free version.

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