Watermarking your documents is essential for several reasons. One, it protects the confidentiality of your documents not just for you but to anyone else who might be sharing it with you. Second, it helps indicate the owner of the file, or if the document is the original file, or just a copy. Third, watermarks label documents if it is confidential for them not be distributed.

But where can we add watermarks for PDF files since they are uneditable? We have the solution for that! You can add watermarks to your PDF without having to modify the document’s content. All that you can do with GogoPDF. GogoPDF is a free PDF tool site that offers a wide range of PDF tools and services. These include watermark stamping, file organization, file viewing and editing, file optimization, e-signing, conversion, and security. In this article, we will guide you with easy and fast step-by-step instructions on how you can conveniently add watermarks to your PDF documents. 

1. Upload the PDF file

Upon landing on the GogoPDF website, you will be welcomed with a selection of PDF tools and services on their homepage. Scroll through and go to the Add Watermark tool. You will be directed to the Add Watermark tool page, where you can now start stamping text or an image and add watermark to pdf!

But before we add a watermark, we must first upload a PDF file to the server. To do this, click the Select A File button, and a window of your file explorer will appear. From there, look for the PDF file you intend to work on, select it, then click Open. Another easy way to upload your PDF file to the server is just to drag and drop it from the file location toward the tool page. 

Once it is uploaded, your PDF file will be automatically loaded, converted, and processed by the server. The processing will only take a few seconds to a minute, depending on how big the file size is, as well as the speed of your internet connection. Nonetheless, the site works fast, and your PDF will be ready for a watermark in no time!

2. Add a watermark to the PDF file

Right after your PDF file is processed, you will be directly sent to the tool section, where all the watermark magic happens! Here, you can finally add a watermark to your document. 

On the section page, you will find a Text bar to type in any text you want that will serve as your PDF document’s watermark. You can also choose where you want the watermark to be located, as you will be guided in the Position section.

You can also add an image or logo as your document’s watermark. However, this feature is only accessible to users who have access to GogoPDF’s pro features. If you want to try them out, GogoPDF offers a free trial period for interested users.

There are also settings that you can regulate as you work on the file in the Options tab. You can adjust the view of the tool page and even select the pages you wish to add and not add the watermark. Also, you can directly print the PDF document from here!

Below the tool page is a preview of your modified PDF document with the watermark you customized. Once you are done and satisfied, proceed by clicking the Add Watermark button. GogoPDF will then process your file once again and apply the changes to your document. This will take only a few seconds to a minute. When it is done, you will be directed to the last tool section, where you can download your new PDF document. 

3. Download the PDF file

Finally! Now your watermark and PDF file are up and ready for download! To save the PDF file to your device, click the Download button, and your file will be immediately downloaded. What is great about GogoPDF is that they not only make watermarking super easy and convenient, but they also make saving and sharing the file fast and easy,

GogoPDF generates a shareable link that you can copy and send to people who need a copy of your PDF file. By clicking the link, they, too, will have access to download the file. With this, you no longer have to upload the files one by one. You can just send them the link! This is a great time-saver, especially if you need to send the file to a lot of people. 

Not only that, but GogoPDF also allows you to send the file and the generated link via email. All you need to do is click the mail button and enter the necessary e-mail information. You can also send a personal message along with the PDF document. 

Take note that the generated link is only available for the next 14 days. After that, the link will become invalid, and the file will be removed from their server.


Adding watermarks to your PDFdocument is not a chore anymore with GogoPDF! In just a minute or less, your PDF is watermarked and done. And it doesn’t stop there. From the last step, you can also compress your watermarked PDF or convert the document to JPG. It is always so convenient with GogoPDF. 

For other PDF-related issues, feel free to explore the site and check out more of the tools and services GogoPDF offers!


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