For prospective higher education students, the Stevens Institute of Technology offers a wide range of academic programs, from undergraduate to graduate degrees. In this guide, learn about the research projects and collaborative opportunities at Stevens Institute of Technology, as well as ways to finance your education.

Explore Degrees Offered at Stevens Institute of Technology

Understand academic programs and degrees offered at Stevens Institute of Technology, including undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs. Specialize in just about any field: data science, engineering management, international business, or computer networks are just a few available options. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision on which degree program is right for you!

Research Quick Online Course Options and Certifications through Stevens Institute of Technology

Looking to advance your career quickly and easily? Look into available online courses and certifications offered by Stevens Institute of Technology. These flexible programs allow you to take classes while balancing your current life commitments, such as work or family. With a variety of topics ranging from healthcare technology to artificial intelligence to digital marketing, you’re sure to find the right fit for your current needs.

Discover the Variety of Programs Through The School’s Interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes

The Steven’s Institute of Technology offers students the opportunity to explore academic pathways through the school’s interdisciplinary centers and institutes. These centers and institutes specialize in different topics such as computer science, finance and financial engineering, cybersecurity, digital media, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical along with its very own research center and center for innovation. Through these schools students can gain access to courses that provide them the necessary exploration on their chosen subject interspersed with hands-on experience that help hone their skills.

Learn about Unique Opportunities for Undergraduates, Such as Laboratory or Field Work, or Student Exchange Programs

With Stevens Institute of Technology, you have the opportunity to gain hands on experience through laboratories and field work related to your chosen profession. Additionally, there are unique opportunities for undergraduates such as semester student exchange programs. These programs allow students to spend a semester at partner universities around the world, giving them access to different technologies and inspiring global collaborations.

Check out the Graduate Option with the Launchpad Program, Which Helps Graduate Students Put Their Skills to Work in internships & hands-on projects within industry partners in the region

The Launchpad program enables students to gain valuable professional experience through internships and hands-on projects with industry partners in the New York metro area. Students have the chance to engage in real-world application while obtaining invaluable training as they prepare for future careers. Participating students have contributed to projects related to aerospace engineering, robotic process automation, healthcare analytics and more.

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