Are you ready for some Texas Tech football? As a Red Raider, you won’t want to miss out on the incredible game day traditions and pre-game rituals that come with being a fan of the Red Raiders. This guide covers everything from tailgating to post-game celebrations, so get ready for the best Texas Tech Football experience West Texas has to offer!

Pre-Game: Pregame Traditions and Tailgating Tips.

From tossing back a few beers at Raider Park to singing the Alma Mater after kick-off, the TexasTech football experience is full of exciting pre-game rituals and activities. If you’re planning on tailgating, check out our tips on how to make the best out of your pre-game meal and get ready to show your Red Raider spirit!

The Game Day Experience: Exploring the Stadium Grounds, Its Features, and More!

Take a walk around Jones AT&T Stadium and its surrounding grounds to experience all of the action! Discover its unique features, explore exclusive VIP seating areas, learn more about concession stands and mouth-watering food options, and soak up the atmosphere of an unforgettable Texas Tech game day. With comfortable spacious seating, incredible sight lines of the field, and tons of amenities, you’ll be sure to have a game day that you’ll never forget.

After the Game: What to Expect in the Postgame Activities and Celebrations.

After the game is when the real fun begins as fans gather outside Jones AT&T Stadium to celebrate with their fellow Red Raiders. Make sure you join in the post-game dance parties right alongside Raider Red and Masked Rider before returning home with your favorite Texas Tech souvenirs available by the southeast entrance. Don’t forget that on your way back, be sure to take time to stop and take pictures with friends at the iconic “Guns Up” sign, a staple of Texas Tech football game days!

Autograph Sessions & Player Encounters: How to Support Texas Tech Football Off the Field as Well! 

Whether you are looking to meet the players and get autographs, or just want to show your support away from the field, supporting Texas Tech football goes beyond what happens in-game. Before every game you can take part in a variety of pre-game rituals such as tailgates, gatherings around Raider Walk and sharing “Guns Up” hand signs with friends. Additionally, after almost every home game, Texas Tech players will join together for an autograph session at a designated spot outside Jones AT&T Stadium that allows fans the opportunity to get autographs and ask players questions.

Where to Shop for Memorabilia & Souvenirs of Your Visit: Show Your Red Raider Pride Back Home!

From official Texas Tech replica jerseys to souvenirs such as shot glasses and koozies, the Texas Tech bookstore is located at the South end of Jones AT&T Stadium and provides fans with a variety of items to remember your game-day experience. Additionally, if you’re looking for something more unique or custom made Red Raider apparel then you should visit nearby venues during your stay. Lubbock’s Strip (or Broadway) offers plenty of interesting places offering their own styles and selections of custom Red Raider gear, sure to make any fan proud while displaying their spirit back home!

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